National Flood Insurance Program-NFIP

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) aims to reduce the impact of flooding on private and public structures. It does so by providing affordable insurance to property owners and by encouraging communities to adopt and enforce floodplain management regulations. These efforts help mitigate the effects of flooding on new and improved structures. Overall, the program reduces the socio-economic impact of disasters by promoting the purchase and retention of general risk insurance, but also of flood insurance, specifically. 

CRS, Substantial Damage FAQ Quick guide for Floodplain Management

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Purchasing and maintaining your flood insurance is one of the most important steps residents can take to protect the lives they’ve built. Just one inch of water in a home can cause up to $25,000 in damage. Most homeowner’s and renter’s policies do not cover flood damage. Call your insurance agent and get quotes for different levels of flood insurance coverage. To find a provider, call 1-800-427-4661 or visit Don’t delay, new policies typically take up to 30 days to go into effect. See the downloads below for more insurance information.


General information on the NFIP 

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Before a storm: 

·Website: What To Do Before A Flood: 

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·Library: NFIP Marketing Resource Library with hundreds of assets including social media posts, videos, fact sheets, templated letters to potential customers and other products for you to communicate the value of flood insurance: 

Filing Your Claim: 

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Recovering from a flood: 

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Information for Insurance Agents: 

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